Sara Isaacson

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 7:00p

This event is in the past.

Sara Isaacson

Sara is partners with Eric Souliere.  Please take the time to research her a little bit, so that you are famiiar with her work/shows when you come in. She likes actors to be fully informed and prepared!  You can view her recent credits at (her main focus is television dramas and pilots- check for details!)

Some of her older credits include Bates Motel, Almost Human, ER, Gilmore Girls, In Gayle We Trust, Fringe and Alcatraz.

Ages 14 and up and adults are okay!

Sara would prefer that you bring in a piece that you've had approved by us instead of a scene off the website, so that she can see you in a unique light.  You MUST have your scene pre-approved by us at, and the usual criteria apply, so please include the original air date and what the sides are from in the email to us.  Please ONLY bring in scenes from film and television (nothing original, nothing from mocksides or something just for workshops/classes/etc.)

Special note:  PLEASE do not wear perfume or cologne, she is allergic.  Also, NEW FACES ONLY please!!!

IMDb Link

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