I just wanted to reiterate what a great time I had at The Actor's Key Studios last week. It's crazy I hadn't been down there yet. I found it welcoming, open, and pleasant for the actors and myself. Hopefully you guys liked me too and I can get down there again soon!  

-- Andrew Vosper Ideal Talent Agency

“Actors Key has a super pro and smooth running format where I feel that I get a chance to really get to know the actors”-Lyle Skosey, BBA Talent Theatrical

-- Lyle Skosey, BBA Talent Theatrical

I took one free class with Bill Coelius and already started applying what he teaches and BOOM, callback, callback and an avail!  Then, I signed up for his class and had a blast!   I learned a ton from him, applying what he teaches and getting results and having even more FUN.  Bill is awesome and I am looking forward to level 2 with him!  Run to his class!


I wanted to say how impressed I am with Actors Key. It is such a wonderful environment for actors and I'm so pleased with the training I have received. I just finished a 4 class series with Bill Coleus, and the instruction was invaluable!  Thank you so much for your time and for the amazingness that is Actors Key! -Desiree Grosman


Super fun and really talented caliber of actors- don't always get that!  Thank you.

-- Head Casting Director Shannon Makhanian

“I had a great time with your actors. It was genuinely inspiring for me to be in a room with all that creative energy!  It was well organized and I met some talented actors who were professional & very well prepared.  Thank-you so much."

-- Gigi Garner, Manager

"I loved the whole experience, the affordability, the readers and the amount of time with the managers."

-- Paul Preston

"I had a fantastic time last night! I think it was a great educational experience for all involved, including me.  The facilities were wonderful, the team was great the actors were great.  Can't say enough good. Thanks!"

-- Christopher Montgomery, Prodigy Talent

"I just wanted to say thank you for having me in to hold a workshop. It was an amazing experience! You have a great facility, incredibly friendly staff and impressive readers." 

-- Jason Stamey, Ast. Casting Director

I love the uniqueness the Actor's Key brings to casting/agency workshops. Where else can you get one-on-one time as well as helpful tips on how to improve? It's been a great tool for enhancing my career and career choices!

-- Beth Thieme

I am so thankful the Actors Key found me!!! (I was referred by a friend)

-- Emily Lape

The Actor's key not only gives you one on one time with all the Top Casting Offices, but you receive an evaluation sheet on what you did well and what you need to work on.

-- Staci Roberts

Kris and Katie,

Actor's Key is Amazing! I actually feel like I moved forward tonight at the workshop! I will be back for sure!

-- Becca Stockton

Actors Key- Quality workshops with a quantity of selection.

-- Jodie Harrison

The Actor's Key is the only place in town where you get to prepare a scene and read with a reader for a casting director, so just doing workshops on a regular basis allows you to keep honing your audition skills.

-- Nicole Seymour, Agent