The Actor's Key is a place where creatives can come together, network and feel empowered to do their best work.

We host Free Events, Speakers, Specialty Classes, and One-Night classes with Industry Professionals.  We are the go-to place for alternative acting tools you can't find anywhere else.  

During the day, we offer a beautiful, quiet environment where you can write, work, read, rehearse, self-tape, study lines, meet with scene partners or improv groups, hold accountability sessions, coach each other and connect with your community.

The Actor's Key is here to take your life and career to the next level...

we've got you.


For a PDF version of ALL our events, click on this link.

If you have a minor child, please read the information HERE 


DISCLAIMER:  All classes/ workshops/ events  are learning experience. This is not an audition for employment, employment opportunity, or for obtaining a talent agent or talent management. When the class is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting director/director/industry pro (whichever is applicable) teaching this class will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.  AGAIN: Workshops/Classes are NOT job interviews.  The presence of an industry professional is in no way a promise of employment. The Actor's Key does NOT attempt to procure employment for actors/artists-we are strictly for educational purposes.  Please consult the CSA guidelines for the rules and regulations regarding casting directors teaching classes. Bond # 14-SUR-140714 through Bond Services of CA Insurance Agency and Brokerage, LLC, Los Angeles, CA 90014 

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